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Now live! iQ 3.8 for Pro series displays

The newest update to the iQ embedded experience for SMART interactive displays is now available. iQ 3.8 is packed with powerful tools to further help businesses engage effectively and encourage collaboration among teams.

Here’s what’s included:

1. With iQ 3.8, the default iQ whiteboard for Pro series displays has been updated. New acetates will now be saved as whiteboard files.

2. New Whiteboard Features: The latest update to iQ will provide access to a broad selection of tools including:

  • The ability to import pdf files into the whiteboard.
  • Live image capture from connected UVC webcam or a doc camera or add images from the web or local files directly onto the whiteboard.
  • New backgrounds such as lined, engineering grid, graph paper and more.
  • New pens such as text recognition and highlighters to make meetings more engaging.
  • The ability to embed videos
  • The option to create files with multiple pages.

For kapp users, the kapp whiteboard will be available in the apps library and existing kapp whiteboard files will open in the kapp whiteboard app. 

All iQ software releases will be automatically pushed out over-the-air (OTA) as long as the appliances are connected to a network and have been left unused for 4 hours. To manually download and install iQ software, or for release notes and technical information, please visit our Support website.